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2023 Elections Will Not Bring Any Improvement On Nigerian Economy

By Tim Akano

Unfortunately, the future will not be shaped by Kingsley Moghalu oratory. If you like make Moghalu the President, Peter Obi the VP, Professor Charles Soludo the Economic Planning Minister and bring back Okonjo Iweala as Minister of Finance and Coordinator of the Economy, The Eastern Region Will remain underdevloped, Aba will remain abandoned. The Northern Nigeria Will remain backward and out of school children in the North will continue to grow astronomically and the Western Nigeria will continue to rotate like a berber’s chair on the same spot.

stupidity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result
Once the premise is wrong, the conclusion will be always wrong.
Can anyone mention any other country where they have invested over $30 billion on electricity yet the megawatt remains less than 5000 in 60 years?

In America when they had a strong President but a crazy man in person of Donald Trump as President, the strong American structure takes care of him and pulled him out of the White house before he could damage the structure.

Go and ask OBJ, he is dazed till tomorrow that $16 billions invested in light generation produced more darkness.
Go and ask Jonathan, he is dazed that despite his good intention for Almajiri’s education in the North, out of school children in the North remains the highest in the world per square kilometer!

Go and ask Buhari, how he became more clueless than the clueless Jonathan for the past 7 years. Buhari had 30 points agenda in 2015. But he pushed Nigeria to become the world’s poverty capital in 2019. This is the only trophy Buhari got for Nigeria in 7 years Top to Bottom.

Does anyone think Buhari himself is happy at his F9 parallel in his report sheet. I don’t think so. By the way Buhari’s wife knows the truth and she is not happy that her husband scored perfect F9.

The Nigeria elite is greedy. It is greed that is making them to purchase N100m form to run for presidency when they know deep within them that Nigeria is irredeemable as long as the existing superstructure is retained.
Nigeria is not your Anambra that Peter Obi’s Onitsha formula can cure.
Nigeria is not BAT’s Lagos either.

Question: What changes could Moghalu do as CBN deputy Governor? What changes has Emefelie been able to do as CBN Governor aside from bringing NAIRA VALUE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM?
Nigeria’s two hands are tied by the British and Queen, the legs are tied by America and the West, the eyes are tied By Arabs and Middle East, the brain has been removed by China and the body is drugged by the the internal RENT COLLECTORS who have hijacked the State.

Nigeria cannot get up from the bottom that Buhari and the past Presidents have pushed it to. Nigeria’s problem goes beyond bad leadership. Bring Lee Kuan Yew or Mandela or Obama, they will all fail spectacularly. Nigeria has to be unbundled, recalibrated, restructured into Regions like the UK.

In the forest, Lions have their own colony. Ditto Elephant. Ditto leopard. In the Ocean, Tilapia has her colony, ditto other fishes.
But in Nigeria, you lump everyone together in the same  bucket of water and you expect them to flow together at the same speed.
Little wonder why Nigeria’s fishes are swallowing one another.

The fear of the unknown is the problem: the North thinks  she will die without the South workforce, water and Oil.
The East out of greed wants to Ride the HORSE- by all means when she has the capacity to build a bigger Horse- than the current Nigeria Horse-. Ditto the West.

The Nigeria Horse is tired, weak and not configured to win any great trophy. The Horse that has been trophy-less in the past 60 years should be sold and be replaced with 3 or 4 or 6 or 8  new horses with fresh legs, eyes, minds and brains.

Employ Peter Obi or Soludo or Moghalu or Okonjo to ride the Eastern Horse, get Yemi Oshibanjo or Akinwumi to ride the Western Horse 
Empoy ElRufia or Ribadu to Ride the Northern Horse and allow them to compete for 15 years. The result will be a More powerful, prosperous and respected Nigeria, stronger than Germany and Japan and UK.

I am 100% sure that Zamfra that has 1.5 million voters and 26 Children for WAEC will reverse the figures within 3 years because there will be no valid reason to breed children for election and keep them out of school in order to easily manipulate them.
Leave Abuja with Army, and currency management. Don’t Kill Nigeria. Big countries have their own usefulness. Ask Israel and UAE: Both wish they had the Nigeria population!

All activities will take place in the Kaduna, Ibadan and Enugu under their Prime Minister. The President in Abuja is like the Queen of England, no executive power except Military if Cameroon gendarmes want to trouble us.
In 15 years, the Northern region will be stronger than Thailand, the Western Region Will be stronger than South Korea and the Eastern Region will be ahead of Taiwan.

Please tell Moghalu I like his passion but he should use it to build a Pan Nigeria’s Movement for RESTRUCTURING of the country before the 2023 elections. At any rate, even if they don’t listen to me, himself and Peter Obi cannot win the Presidency. They should go and ask Chief Awololo how he became the best President Nigeria never had.

If it takes us another 60 years to accept this reality, nothing great can come out of Nigeria the way it is presently caliberated. 
I hear people say all Nigeria needs is *One strong leader*Where is the leader coming from? From Mars? IBB, OBJ, TY Danjuma, Buhari are all strong leaders but they all failed fantastically!



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