Friday, March 31, 2023
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2023: Obi Criticizes Nation’s Leaders For Wasteful Spending of Oil Money, Excessive Borrowing

Presidential Aspirant of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and former Governor of Anambra State, Mr Peter Obi, on Monday faulted past and present Nigeria leaders for wasting the huge funds that have accrued to the country from oil revenue.

He also knocked the leaders for endless borrowing and sharing of money without commensurate investment of same in profitable ventures for growth and development of the nation.

Speaking when he met with delegates of the Peoples Democratic Party at Awka Anambra State , Obi attributed the bane of the country”s socio-economic development to over dependency on petroleum.

He stated that the youths of Nigeria should be factory workers who are supposed to be productive and creating wealth and jobs and not consumers only.

He said, “All that we do in Nigeria is to borrow money and share and we depend more on petroleum money when many parts of the country have empty land mass that can be used to generate wealth for the country and also create jobs.”

“All that we talk about is sharing formula; how to share money and go back to collect more loans. And the issue here is that we are not thinking about the future of our children and that of the country.”

According to him, “If you watch the movie called Titanic you will discover that people were up stairs throwing parties and before they knew it the Ship capsized and we do not want our country to capsize like Titanic.

“I am committed to this project and I am qualified; I have gone round the country. My Presidency will bring about production fomula where people will go and work. All we do here is to borrow money and share.”

Obi also expressed deep concern that in spite of Nigeria’s status as the giant of Africa it generates 4, 000 megawatts of power.

“Our society is society of hopelessness kidnapping and all manner of criminality.

“What I am doing is about the peace, unity and progress of Nigeria and I want you to go and make it work,” Obi stated.

Peter Obi lamented that rather than being an investment destination, Nigeria is going down which is worrisome.

Speaking also, the former Presidentiak Spokesman, Dr. Doyin Okupe declared that the entire leaders of the South West are solidly behind the aspiration of Mr Peter Obi.

Okupe further recalled how the South East supported the late MKO Abiola to victory insisting that it is pay back time for his zone the South West to support the South East.

“I am not alone in my support for Mr Peter Obi from the South West and they told me to continue to follow him because he is the best.

“So if you think that I am just following Peter Obi for the fun of it, you are wring. I am with him all the way and you as his brothers and sisters should support him.

“There’s no truth and justice in continuing a civil war in Nigeria. I am ashamed that there are Igbo citizens who are thwarting the Igbo Presidency.”

“I gave up by Presidential ambition to support a man I believe in person of Peter Obi. Whether he becomes President or not, he is your life. There is no Governor dead or alive who left N75 billion behind after he left office in this country,” he added.



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