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Another June 3rd Plane Crash Averted In Nigeria, Passenger Tells Story


A plane crash which would have taken place yesterday in the early hours of June 3, 2022 was averted in Nigeria, as professionalism on the path of the crew saved lives of passengers on board in a Green Africa Abuja-Owerri bound flight which took off at 8:32am.

If the plane crash had taken place, it would have reminded Nigerians of the plane crash which took place exactly ten years ago on June 3, 2012 when a Dana Air Flight 0992 Abuja-Lagos flight crashed in Lagos and lives were lost.

But the situation was not same as one of the passengers who was on board in the Green Africa Flight identified as Barr Maxwell Ezelagu shares his experience of what happened.

According to Ezelagu, officials of Green Africa had earlier informed all passengers on board about 30 minutes to landing that the weather was not favourable and the flight could experience some hitches before landing.

The forewarned Passengers had a feelings of the real situation when the turbulence hit hard thereby shaking the flight in such a manner that suggests that lives were about to be lost.

“To God Almighty be all the glory for all he has done and continue to do” Ezelagu started. “It was one of the most scary, bumpy and tough flight. The turbulence was one of my worst since I started flying by air”.

“God knows that everyone at a point gave up hope”. “For over 15minutes,we were piercing through a scary but thick cloud and the aircraft was like a ship in the middle of a tempest, wobbling and on all sides with prayers taking over the entire aircraft”.

From the voice of the air hostess, despite being proffesional, you could tell she was way too tensed for the situation. I literally stepped into the shoes of the last moment of aircraft crash victims.

However, I give it to the pilots for their exceptional handling of the entire journey.

“To God be the glory for it is better told than imagined”. “Am glad to proclaim that am alive in the land of the living. It’s well and am glad the story will never be told differently of ” ‘oh if Karlmax where to be here’ he concluded.



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