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Body of Benchers admits over 4,000 lawyers

It was a beehive of activities at the Body of Benchers Complex in Abuja, as over 4,000 candidates who successfully passed their 2022 Bar Final Examinations, were called to the Nigerian Bar.

The ceremony which was supposed to start by 10am did not commence until 11:45am due to traffic congestion and heavy gridlock as parents and guardians of the new wigs were made to walk for 2 kilometres to the venue of the event.

A parent of one of the new wigs, Mrs Funke Ayotoye, called on the chairman of the body of benchers and other stakeholders to employ more security outfits for orderliness around the premises as parents had to struggle to gain entrance into the auditorium.

Another parent, Chief Ofius Mbah advocated expansion of roads and flyover bridges around the area to prevent reoccurrence of the situation.

Two of the new wigs, Mr. Mclee Nwokocha and Ms. Halima Isah, expressed gratitude for the successful induction ceremony but were worried because that they could not find commercial vehicle to convey them to the Supreme Court to register their names as solicitors of the country.

Meanwhile a shoe cobbler, Mr. Abubakar Lawal and bottled water vendor, Mrs Veronica Abu expressed happiness that they made huge profits from their brisk businesses.

However, a vendor who sells wigs, Mrs. Bilikisu Aina expressed disappointment that she had little sales but expressed the hope that next year would be better.

Others called on stakeholders to inform citizens ahead of such ceremonies to enable them to look for alternatives means to avoid such challenges and be caught in unforseen circumstances



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