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2023: Don’t Vote Politicians Crying, Frying Akara, Eating Corn During Campaign – Primate Ayodele To Nigerians

The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, on Friday, frowned at the attitude of some Nigerian politicians vying for political offices in the 2023 general elections.

Primate Ayodele warned Nigerians against voting for any politicians that are seen crying, frying bean cake on the road or engaging in unusual activities during their campaign.

The man of God described them as deceivers that won’t do any good for Nigeria.

Referring to a politician who was seen crying during the week after some people presented a nomination form, Ayodele stressed that such was a gimmick to get sympathy votes.

The man of God noted that certain politicians could not point to one million lives he has touched since he has been in power and therefore doesn’t deserve to be bought a nomination form of N20 million.

‘’I want to caution Nigerians against voting for politicians who deceive us by frying Akara, eating corns, telling lies that they bought them nominations forms or crying during declarations; these are deceits, there is no point for someone who has been in government for 19 years to start crying because they bought form for him.

‘’Let us ask him, can he bring out 100 projects that he has done? Can he point to 1 million lives that he has changed in his year in power? We need someone who has feelings for the people. Those people crying don’t have anything to offer Nigerians; nobody should vote for any politicians that say some group of people bought nomination forms for them; it’s all lies.

‘’Imagine a politician crossing from Lagos state, where he has been in power for close to two decades, to Ogun state to represent them at the national assembly. What miracle did he perform where he served previously? How many lives did he change? Those in Lagos where he served are supposed to buy the form for him, not where he is going to if he has really done well. Let us stop deceit, let us stop campaigns that are not real, and let us face reality. Those that claim they bought the form for them will deceive the citizens if they get to power; they should not be voted for.

‘’Atiku cried during his time, Oshiomhole ate corn, Buhari’s wife fried Akara, Yayi now crying too, Amaechi became a hairdresser, Sanwoolu went to the mechanic workshop, we have too many dramatic politicians with grammars because they are full of deceit.

‘’God is watching us, and he will judge all these politicians deceiving Nigerians. What have you done for the people that will make them buy nomination forms for you? Before they can contribute money for forms, you must have done things worth millions for them but did you do any? It’s all lies.

‘’We don’t want politicians that will eat Amala on the roadside all in the name of a campaign; we need a politician that can manage his family, someone who can manage activities in church or mosque, someone who has a fear of God, one who feels for the less privileged.

‘’Nigeria must survive, Nigeria must grow, we all must do it together, there is nowhere we can go,” he said.



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