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Children’s Day: Foundation Seeks Stiffer Punishment For Failed Parenting

An Ogun State-based charity organization, Jofunmi Loving Heart Foundation, yesterday urged federal and state governments to implement harsher penalties for parents whose inadequate parenting leads to teenage pregnancies.

The foundation, specifically addressing children aged 14 to 16, argued that the best legacy the National Assembly could provide for Nigerian children is to enact a special law mandating quality parenting and reassess the enforcement of existing Child Protection Laws for better efficacy.

Olusola Ojo, the foundation’s project coordinator, made this appeal while speaking to journalists during the 2024 Children’s Day Celebration organized for children in the “hard-to-reach community” at Oladotun Community in Abeokuta North local government area.

Speaking on behalf of the event’s convener, Ms. Ifedolapo Ojo, Olusola expressed the foundation’s deep concern over the increasing number of teenage pregnancies in Ogun State, particularly among children under 18, attributing this issue to parental failures.

Emphasizing that stricter punishment could help break the cycle of teenage parenting, Ojo also called on all levels of government to prioritize existing educational policies that have deprived Nigerian children of their right to basic education.

“It is so embarrassing. The government should enhance sexual education programs in our schools. This will allow children to learn in school even if their parents fail at home.

“It is unfortunate that while Nigeria has laws, their implementation is often poor. However, educating children about these laws in school will make them aware of the protections they have and the power of these laws, not just their existence. This knowledge will ensure they understand their rights and protections against societal injustices,” he said.



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