Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Dog Which Attacked, And Attempted To Eat Up 10-Year-Old Boy In Owerri Shot Dead

A German Shepherd dog which attacked and attempted to eat up a 10-year-old boy somewhere in Naze Autonomous community in Owerri North LGA has been shot dead by security agent.

According to an eyewitness account who spoke on grounds of anonymity to The Agenda Newspaper, the 10-year-old boy whom our correspondent saw with scars which is now gradually healing was attacked by the dog.

The dog, a mixed-breed which is also a security dog in the compound where the 10-year-old boy leaves, suddenly bounced on the boy in the compound and attempted to eat it.

It dragged the boy to its kennel with the hope of eating him up inside there as shouts from passersby made it impossible to concentrate.

However, shouts from people around reached the owners before a woman in the house, whom according to sources confirmed that she is the only person whom the dog listened to miraculously intervened.

The woman had to shout at the dog, while it was just a few inches into the Kennel with the boy in its mouth. The dog dropped the boy as she shouted and ran into the kennel while the boy layed on the ground.

The boy was quickly lifted up, as he was bleeding and immediately rushed to the hospital for immediate medical attention in the bid to ensure the boy is saved.

The 10-year-old boy was saved, and he is gradually recuperating. Efforts made by The Agenda Newspaper to take photographs of the boy was discouraged by sources close to the family, as the owner may not want their boy’s picture trending on social media.

Saddened by the violent behaviour of the dog, the woman had to invite a security agent to come kill the dog and it was shot to dead in its kennel and brought out by the security agent.

The dead dog however became a source of meat for those who cared to have it, even though the people of Naze are indifferent about eating dog meat which is popularly referred to as ‘404’.



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