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Adamu Garba Dismantles APC Flag In His Office, Says No Future For Innovative Youth In APC

Former presidential aspirant and a staunch member of All Progressives Congress, APC, Adamu Garba, on Saturday, dismantled the APC flag in his office and shared the video on his social media handles.

Adamu Garba took down the APC flag in his office stating in a bold statement captioned.

“We joined APC for the sake of Nigerians. Now that all is not looking straight, we have to acknowledge that only Allah is the Guarantor and Grantor of Power and Authority. He never ever gives up on the betterment of human, why should I ever.

“Trusting in Him, following His Guide, we bow out of APC honorably and in peace. The flag is now, down.” He stated.

Before dropping the APC flag on Saturday, he berated the APC over what he described as the party’s “over-financialisation of the political atmosphere.

He added that there was no “future for innovative youth” in the nation’s ruling party.

Garba, had earlier withdrew from the presidential race, stating that he received the sum of N81,750,000.00 in private donations and N1,457, 794.70 in online donations.

According to him, even though he recieved donations, he was not going to be obtain the expression of interest and nomination form for the presidential race.

“I write to notify Nigerians that after high-level deliberation with our campaign team, we have concluded that we will not be obtaining the expression of interest and nomination form for the office of the President of Nigeria under the platform of the APC.” He said.

According to him, he and his generation will not be part of the people that supported the financialization/commercialization of the nation’s political space, especially the public office, considering the prohibitive cost of the nomination forms.

“We believe this action is capable of over-financializing our political space, institutionalizing vote buying, encouraging corruption, and completely obliterate the youth and the poor from participation,” Garba had said in a statement on Tuesday.

He apologised to the youths and explained that he took the opposite stance against the demands of youths based on three convictions.

“Dear Nigerian Youth, I write to sincerely apologize for any of my actions or inactions that might have affected our relationship over time. Though inexcusable, I took these actions due to the following reasons:

“I’m a radical patriotic Nigerian and can’t stand anything that threatens the stability and security of this country.

“I had such high hopes that things will eventually get better, even as it get worst” He added.



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