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IPOB disowns suspects arrested for extorting Anambra residents with death threat

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has refuted the claim that three individuals arrested by the Anambra State Police Command for extorting money from the public and issuing death threats are associated with the group.

The arrested individuals, who were apprehended in Umunze and Ozubulu, Orumba South, and Ekwusigo Local Government Areas, allegedly posed as commanders of the militant wing of IPOB, the Eastern Security Network (ESN). They were accused of sending threatening messages to residents, demanding specified sums of money to avoid harm to them and their relatives.

IPOB, through its media and publicity secretary, Emma Powerful, issued a statement denying any involvement in extortion from the public. The group accused the police of intentionally attempting to tarnish its reputation by leveling false allegations.

According to the statement, IPOB and ESN are not involved in criminal activities, and the Nigerian government is creating fake news to undermine the movement. The group claimed that the government orchestrates these allegations to turn the public against IPOB and ESN.

The statement also highlighted that IPOB and ESN do not engage in threatening activities or harm the people they aim to protect. The group acknowledged seeking voluntary financial support from Biafrans to sustain ESN in its mission of safeguarding the region from external threats.

IPOB concluded by stating that the police’s attempts to link crimes in the area to the group are part of a larger campaign to discredit and undermine the movement.



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