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Kogi Government Seals Off Dangote Cement Factory in Obajana

Following apprehension among indigenes over neglect of their welfare and on the acquisition of multi billion naira Dangote Cement Factory, Obajana in Kogi state, the state government has ordered its closure.

The State House of Assembly ordered the closure of the company on Wednesday, after its investigation into the cement factory’s operation allegedly revealed that no valid acquisition took place on the company.

Some indigenes, who had trooped to the company on hearing the news of the closure, chased workers away, but were stopped by Kogi officials, who promptly waded in to avoid damage.

The indigenes claimed that the company had neglected the community where it makes billions of naira from, despite the fact that residents are dying from illness as a result of pollution.

The state House of Assembly alleged that Dangote, upon invitation by the house, requested for more time, but did not appear to show any evidence to the contrary.

The Commissioner for Information Kingsley Fanwo, while responding to journalists’ questions, said, “Pursuant to the Constitutional authorities of the Kogi State House of Assembly, and upon petition by the people of Kogi State, an investigation was carried out on the acquisition of Obajana Cement  by Dangote Company.

“It was found that no valid acquisition took place, as Dangote could not show evidence of what was paid as compensation for the acquisition.

“The legislators invited the Chairman of the Company, Aliko Dangote, before the house for explanations, but he failed to appear before the state assembly, giving excuses.

“The House of Assembly therefore ordered the closure of the company pending when they are able to present it with credible evidence of a valid acquisition.”

The Director-General, Lands, Kogi State, Nasir Ochi, who was also on ground, added, “In this regard, the security agencies were directed to give effect to the resolution.

“By law, Kogi State House of Assembly can conduct investigation, order anyone to appear before it or produce any document. Failure to obey such summons may lead to the arrest of a Person who failed to appear.

“The government of the state has an obligation to also respect and give effect to such resolution from the House in the interest of peace and security of the State, and to avoid anarchy or breakdown of law and order.

“In this regard, Dangote has an obligation to respect and also give effect to the resolution of the Kogi State House of Assembly to avoid any act of lawlessness.”

The Kogi State House of Assembly had earlier resolved to shut down Dangote Cement Company situated at Obajana pending its submission of relevant documents that back up its operations and ownership structure, especially the transition from Kogi Cements to Dangote Cements.

The House considered inviting former Governor Ibrahim Idris to shed light on the considerations given to the State during the signing of an agreement between the company and the state.

These considerations include the ten percent shares of the State in the company, the company’s social responsibilities to the state and other benefits.

These were part of the House resolutions on Tuesday after considering the ad hoc committee’s interim report by a member Isah Tenimu.

The House also directed the Commissioner of Police, the State Commandant of Civil Defence Corps, and the Head of Vigilante Group in the State to ensure the resolution was enforced.

The External Solicitor of Dangote Cement Company, Leeman Salihu, had submitted some documents, which are a Certificate of Incorporation and an agreement signed in 2002 and 2003, but craved the indulgence of the House to allow other discussions on the issue to be out of the public glare.

He pleaded that the House should allow the company to engage in further conversation with it and the state economic team. The request was, however, declined.



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