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Muslim-Muslim ticket: APC has shown disrespect for northern christians -CAN

The Northern APC christian forum has lamented that despite the public outcry and resistance from various groups, the party had treated the Muslim-Muslim ticket with kids’ gloves and, by so doing, grossly disregarded the religious configuration of the country.

“The Northern APC Christians Forum is concerned that the APC leadership’s lack of respect for the Christians in Northern Nigeria has reached an alarming crescendo, which could pass for a deliberate attempt to delineate the Christian population in Northern Nigeria.

“Our concern also stems from the fact that the action of the APC can breed distrust amongst the religious groupings in the country. It must be stated that with the Muslim-Muslim Ticket, the Northern Christians have been marginalized and without recourse to the implication of such actions in the overall psyche of the people,” the group said.

The group vowed that the ruling party would not get any support from Northern Christians unless the leadership of the APC addressed its concerns.



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