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Paul Biya: Africa’s longest serving President celebrates 40years in power

The President of Cameroon and Africa’s longest serving President, Paul Biya is set to commemorate his 40th year in power this weekend.

Cameroonians have planned a nationwide funfair activities to celebrate his achievements.

However, this has not gone down well with some persons, notably amongst them is a former presidential candidate, Akere Muna.

Mr Muna said it was time President Paul Biya stepped down for the younger generation.

“On the production of mines, who are the miners? What do they produce? What do they pay to the country? Why do the citizens not have access to information about spending of their own country’s riches?” He noted.

According to Muna, Cameroon has been allegedly engulfed in corruption under the administration of President Paul Biya as well as engaging in separatist battle that has forced millions of Cameroonians to vacate their homes.

“He changed the name of the country from United Republic to the La République du Cameroun, which is the name the French-speaking republic of Cameroon had before we ever joined them in 1961,” one man on the street tells me, saying it sums up the Anglophone grievance against the French-speaking majority”.

President Paul Biya’s 40th anniversary is expected to take place on Sunday.



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