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Werder Bremen’s fastest player, Njinmah speaks on playing for Nigeria

Justin Njinmah, identified as the Bundesliga’s 12th fastest player, has addressed reports indicating interest from both Nigeria and Germany in acquiring his services.

Media outlets in both Germany and Nigeria have linked the Hamburg player with potential inclusion in the Super Eagles squad, considering his origins in both countries.

Having commenced his career with Borussia Dortmund, Njinmah has the option to represent Nigeria through his father’s nationality or Germany, where he was born and raised.

Following a standout season at Werder Bremen, Njinmah is being closely monitored by both nations, although Germany appears to have a stronger chance of securing his allegiance.

At 23 years old, Njinmah recorded a top speed of 35.53 km/h, earning him the title of the Bundesliga’s 12th fastest player.

In response to the reports, Njinmah stated, “Nick Woltemade showed me the article in the dressing room. When you hear that you’re being considered for the national team and that they’re taking notice of you, it motivates every player to strive for improvement.”

He added, “If you continue to accelerate now, achieving that goal might not be as distant as you once thought.”



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