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What I’ll Do To Any Woman That Comes Close To My ‘Property’ – Nkechi Blessing

Actress Nkechi Blessing has spelt out what will befall any lady who tries to come close to her husband, Opeyemi David Falegan.

Recently, there were rumours that all wasn’t well between the couple causing them to reportedly unfollow each other on Instagram.

However, the film star has shut down all such rumours as she was seen seated on her husband’s lap in a recent video and also dishing out warning slay queens who intend to prey on him.

n the video, NBS describing her husband as her ‘property’ vowed to pour acid on the head of any lady who attempts to come close to him.

For according to her, she had to leave the shores of Nigeria, down to Europe to find herself a ‘fine’ man who she would never leave for any other lady.

Rubbing her man’s ear and face, Nkechi said: “Bro, you’re fine!”.

Someone in the background informed her that ladies were drooling over him and she responded:

The 33-year-old actress continued: “A man that is as fine as this, they now think I will leave him. Leave him for what? Leave him for your mothers? Unfortunate beings!!

Listen, I will pour acid on the head of any lady who tries to come close to my property.

She added: “Because I know the length I went to look for him. I travelled all the way down to London to look for a man.

Because he played with you people on Instagram, you now think you can snatch him from me. Instagram is the only place you’ll know him o.”

On June 10, 2021, Nkechi Blessing, confirmed her marriage between her, and the Ekiti politician, Falegan Opeyemi David, after she shared photos from their wedding on his birthday via her Instagram Story.



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