Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Woman Killed, Buried In Farm At Ngor-Okpala

Wonders they say shall never end as a woman whose name was given as Uwaalu Justina a native of Alulu in Ngor-Okpala Local Government Area of Imo state was murdered in her farm and buried same place.

Eastern Lead reports that a lady who gave her name as Nneka and who also described herself as a relative to the deceased said that the deceased went to a close by farm on that fateful day and when she could not return the children went to the farm only to see her clothes and sandals on the farm without her.

This missing was reported to the Villagers who now went into the said farm on thorough search only to see the corpse buried improperly and exhumed the body back to the family.

The speaker further hinted Lead that a suspected Family member of the deceased who vowed to eliminate the deceased had run away with his family upon discovery of this crime and his house was set ablaze by the angry Community people.

Meanwhile, the Ngor-Okpala Police Division confirmed the incident to Lead and pointed out that investigation was still ongoing over the death at the time of this report.



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