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The Race No Longer Between APC and PDP

By George Onmonya Daniel 

Since 1999 the presidential race has been between two major parties. It started from the PDP and APP, the PDP and ANPP, the PDP and CPC, the PDP and APC, APC and PDP, but today it is the APC, PDP and Peter Obi. 

The reason why I wrote Peter Obi and not the Labour Party is because the Labour Party has no structure to match the APC and the PDP in terms of spread, organisation and funding, but in term of people yearning for a new Nigeria, Peter Obi today has the spread. What is unique is that these people who call themselves Obidients are wide spread and adamant. They are Obidient for free. They are not members of any political party, loyal to any, but want a change in their country, they want to be released from chain of retroggression and lack of creativity of the men and women who have kept the country in perpetual stagnation and backwardness since 1999 and somehow they believe Peter Obi is that beginning of good things.

Suddenly Peter Obi has become the most feared opponent by both the APC and the PDP. Yesterday we saw the structure in Nassarawa State. If this momentum is sustain like an unshakable moving train, the APC and PDP will be kept awake throughout this campaign period. 

The daily failure of the Buhari administration and the same characters in the administration trying to campaign for Tinubu keeps hurting the man. Keyamo recent interview on Channels TV is a complete disaster to the Tinubu campaign. It seems anytime they try to sell Tinubu it turn out bad. Tinubu Haa resort to regular Friday Mosque going and splashing the photos on his special media post to appeal to Muslim voters in the North instead of telling people how to fix this battered Nigeria thinking Northern Muslims are simpmistic. Northern Muslims are not that simplistic as they are being viewed by the APC. With the Muslim-Muslim debate raging and some Christian group telling their congregation not to vote a Muslim ticket, it is clear that the APC will lose a lot from there. 

Atiku of the PDP is not popular in the North. He has never been popular with the North. He wouldn’t be getting that bulk vote from the North that is under APC governors. 

Peter Obi may not have structure, whatever structure means, but he has a lot of people, young and middle aged, even old, who are angry with how this country has been ruled for over 20 years.



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